General Information


Elma’s Houses are located in the picturesque Old Village or “Chora” of Alonissos. They consist of two unified, renovated traditional houses that are 100 years old, and a separate residence that contains two studios. The residences include the Blue House, named “Avra,” and the Green House, named “Yana.” These two old village houses have been fully restored, preserving all their original traditional features while offering functionality and modern amenities such as air conditioning, bathrooms, and fully equipped kitchens. Our accommodations also feature beautiful terraces and a lush courtyard with natural shade, garden tables, and chairs—ideal for enjoying your meals outdoors.

The owner, Elma, who is an architect has a passion for beautiful objects and she also owns an antique shop called “Gorgona,” located in Chora. Elma’s passion for aesthetics and her architectural expertise are evident from the moment you step into the accommodations. She was recognized for her initiative to renovate the two old houses while maintaining their traditional architecture, receiving special funding from the European “Leader” program to carry out the required works.


Alonissos is a beautiful island that offers tranquility and serenity while maintaining its picturesque character and unique color. Chora, situated in the southern part of the island, provides breathtaking panoramic views in all directions—a feature fully embraced by our traditional houses. Our accommodations are located in a very beautiful and peaceful area at the edge of the village, offering both tranquility and stunning sea views.

The nearest beach is Mikros Mourtias, approximately a 20-minute downhill walk away. It’s relatively quiet (there are no taverns or sunbeds, so organize your supplies accordingly). The path to Mikros Mourtias starts right in front of our houses, providing a unique experience of a short hike through beautiful nature combined with a refreshing swim at a lovely beach. You can also visit Mikros Mourtias or many other beaches within 5 to 20 minutes maximum by car, as the island doesn’t have large distances.

Within a 5-minute walk in the village, you’ll find a supermarket, restaurants, and more. If you have a car or scooter, there’s municipal parking available within a 7-minute walk. Let us clarify here that no vehicles of any kind are allowed in the Old Village. We must mention that unfortunately, the area is not suitable for people with mobility issues or disabilities due to the staircases in the picturesque alleys of the old village. However, those who cross these steps will reach our unique location with unobstructed views and sounds of nature.

Additionally, across from our residences, you’ll find the Information Center for the shipwrecks of the marine park, housed in the old School of Alonissos—a building dating back to 1903. Its remarkable innovation offers visitors a virtual diving experience at the Peristera shipwreck using VR masks—an exceptionally interesting opportunity, especially for those who cannot dive into the actual sea, down to 25m deep.

More information about the ancient shipwreck in Alonissos can be found on our page: Our island

*Information about accessing the island can be found on our website page: How to get here


We’ll be delighted to welcome you at the port and take you to Chora by car (3 km). If you have many heavy luggage to carry, there’s a donkey/mule available in Chora that can assist with transportation if requested. As soon as you arrive at Elma’s Houses, we offer you fresh fruit from our organic field on Alonissos. Additionally, for your breakfast, you’ll find our organic jam, filter coffee, tea, and sugar in the house. If you wish, we can provide you with fresh organic fruits and vegetables from our field, during your stay.


If you’re seeking a destination for peaceful and enjoyable vacations, stunning landscapes with unique beauty, and accommodation in authentic spaces, that offer all modern comforts, Alonissos and Elma’s traditional houses are the ideal choice. Feel free to contact Elma for more information, prices, and availability of our accommodations via email or phone, or fill out the enquiry form you’ll find here.